Read about our Yo-get-it Broadbeach manager, Tahlia’s experience while helping us roll out our latest store in China…

To describe my Chinese experience in one word is almost impossible but if I had to try I would say- phenomenal. at the end of may 2015 I jetted off to China with my boss to open the first of many International Yo-get-it Frozen Yoget bars. we were based in Suzhou, just out of Shanghai, where both the store and company office are located.

How I got the opportunity?

For the past year and a half I have been the Store Manager at Yo-get-it in Broadbeach, Queensland. Yo-get-it is a National and now International chain founded by Scott Bradley and predominantly based in Melbourne, Victoria. I basically fell into the role after applying for a position as a second job. I walked into the meeting hoping to become a casual staff member and I walked out as the new Manager. It was such a great decision. Not only have I gained valuable experience as a manager and supervisor but I have learned a lot about business, the way people and in particular teenagers work and I have met some great people along the way. Has it been an easy task? No it has not. Managing a store with roughly 15 staff members, studying full-time law, continuing to work 1 day a week as a pharmacy assistant and doing promotional work on the side is not an easy task. My friends often say I am crazy and I probably am a little… but I enjoy being busy, having multiple tasks to complete and having to plan and organise my time (and yes making money). In saying that, lazy Sundays are definitely my favourite day of the week especially when i don’t have any uni work to complete.

My perfect Sunday: Relaxing with my loved ones either watching a TV series or tanning at the beach, grabbing a fresh smoothie and trying a new café for brunch.

My role in China: Aside from the ordering, banking, pays, supervising and day-to-day functioning and decision making for the store, a major part of my job as a manager is to train staff. My role in China was essentially to do this but it had to be done through an interpreter. The new staff could say but 3 words in English and so this was a difficult yet mind-opening experience. I explained to them everything from the Yo-get-it concept and valuable customer service tips to how to make yoget and manage the fresh toppings. Over the opening weekend, myself and Scott also promoted the brand within the shopping centre. Being a blonde Australian girl and traveling with another Aussie guy, we stood out like sore thumbs and so promoting and taking photos with the customers was an easy, fun and very constant task.

Busy Store

The Opening was a huge success and over the opening weekend, Yo-get-it was the most lucrative store. The experience as a whole opened my mind to the many possibilities out there. It was fantastic to implement everything i know from my current job into another store on the other side of the world.

Our next stop was and my next blog will be HONG KONG…

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