Yo-get-it is Australia’s original frozen yoghurt business.

The Yo-get-it brand has enjoyed ongoing growth and recognition that started with a single store.

Yo-get-it’s ongoing growth and success are underpinned by their creative approach of offering their customers an innovative, individualised purchase journey known as ‘Create Your Own’.

When making a Yo-get-it treat, our customers are in charge. Their choices include:

  • their cup size,
  • a range of traditional and innovative frozen yoghurt flavours,
  • and toppings that can vary from superfoods, nuts, and fruit right through to brightly coloured lollies and sweet treats.

This customised approach allows customers to make their Yo-get-it creation according to their taste, hunger and dietary requirements. There is also a ‘Pay-By-Weight’ costing system that further empowers customers to have control over the amount that they spend.

The Yo-get-it team works tirelessly to innovate new and creative products, toppings and frozen yoghurt flavours, always maintaining their offering of fantastic tasting, premium quality products.

Yo-get-it has developed a supportive, sound and flexible franchise model and is looking to continue growing the franchise business into a robust national operation.

Franchise opportunities to partner with the Yo-get-it team exist in key locations for business owners interested in running their own:

  • Store,
  • Kiosk or
  • Mobile Yo-get-it Unit