Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day. Several studies have been made to validate the importance and benefits of eating breakfast. One research shows that eating breakfast can actually help with weight loss. Instead of skipping breakfast then eating a heavy lunch and dinner, having a healthy and filling breakfast every morning can keep you from binge eating for the rest of the day. Studies also suggest that eating breakfast each and every morning can help lower the risk of Diabetes and heart diseases. The right breakfast food can also help keep you alert and mentally sharp as you start your day.

Imagine if you had to start the day all hungry and grumpy and sleepy. Ironically, breakfast is the most taken for granted meal specially in the fast paced world we live in today. We tend to neglect or even choose to sacrifice breakfast to make it in time for work or school or whatever commitments we have in the morning (and sometimes even due to laziness).

But what if you had the option to get a quick, filling and healthy breakfast? Sounds too good to be true? Well you better believe it.

Frozen yogurt is the perfect breakfast that not only is it healthy and filling but it also feels like a treat everytime you get yourself one. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s healthy!

Choose your frozen yogurt.

You can start with the frozen yogurt. You can either go with the plain one or go for the different flavors available. You can opt for a fruity concoction from a berry medley to a refreshing watermelon or even the basic banana. The fruit flavored yogurts are just oh so exciting. Maybe feeling a bit more indulgent? You can also treat yourself to a Nutella or Ferrero Rocher yogurt. It’s up to you, whatever your preference, taste and even your mood! But whatever you choose, it’s still frozen yogurt. If you haven’t heard of frozen yogurt’s health benefits yet, well, here’s a quick run through. Frozen yogurt is high in calcium, low in fat, and has a gazillion good bacteria. It’s like your favorite milk or ice cream made even better.

And for all those who have grown accustomed to coffee or tea as a staple in their breakfast, Yo-get-it also has a frozen yogurt to suit your morning routine. You can either get the coffee flavored frozen yogurt or go get yourself a Matcha green tea frozen yogurt. Matcha can also provide that much needed pick up but without the jittering and palpitation, and has a ton of antioxidants too.

Aside from the different frozen yogurt flavors, Yo-get-it also has different frozen yogurts for people with a specific lifestyle. Yo-get-it offers selected frozen yogurt flavors made with protein, sweetened with Stevia or Lactose free. A meal (treat) for everyone indeed.

So basically, Yo-get-it frozen yogurt is your ultimate breakfast all rolled in to one!

Mix and match toppings!

Okay, here comes the most exciting and intriguing part – the toppings!

Yes, aside from the different flavored frozen yogurt you can choose from, you can also mix and match different toppings to go with your frozen yogurt. The combinations are limitless and can be mind-blowing.

You can choose from fresh fruits like strawberries, bluerries or raspberries. There’s also fresh watermelon, kiwi, passion fruit and banana. For that extra pop on your yogurt, you can try the different fruit flavored popping balls. The topping options doesn’t just end there. For the kid at heart, Yo-get-it also offers Smarties, Skittles and Gummy Bears! The caramel and chocolate sauces are also a must-try.

If you have a full day ahead and need an extra kick of energy, you can pack up your breakfast frozen yogurt with a combination of crushed peanuts (or crumble), your choice of the available fresh berries (strawberry, blueberry or raspberry) and fresh kiwi. Your body can use the protein and good fats in peanut to fuel your muscles, while the vitamins and minerals in the berries and kiwi can help your body function properly. The fiber in the fresh fruits is also the essential component that helps make this delectable breakfast a filling one.

To put it simply, don’t be afraid to mix and match flavors and toppings to your liking. General tip is to balance everything from taste to texture plus nutrient content – a bit of crunch, a tad sweetness here and tanginess there and a whole lot of vitamins and minerals.

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