Yo-get-it works with gyms in  promoting a healthy lifestyle!

Our versatile and nourishing products offer many high protein + naturally sweetened options making us the perfect pre or post-workout snack!

With 10+ grams of protein in our Protein Yo-get-it is the perfect pre and post workout snack!

Nowadays, working out and taking protein (whether in shake or bar form) goes hand in hand, and that’s because protein is an essential nutrient for muscle growth and strengthening.

Everytime we engage in rigorous activities like sports or going to the gym specially after a tough session, we need protein for muscle repair and faster recovery.

Gym members also receive 15% off our Acai Bowls when you show us your gym membership!

To find out more about how Yo-get-it can support your gym contact enquiries@yogetit.com.au