Here’s another reason to visit your local Yo-get-it Frozen Yogurt Bar today. Aside from the Original Tart frozen yogurt, Yo-get-it also offers 3 variants for a Banana flavored frozen yogurt everyone can enjoy– standard Banana, Made with Protein, and Protein + Sweetened with Stevia.

Whatever your lifestyle is, you can now enjoy and treat yourself to a Banana Yo-get-it. Here’s a quick guide so you’ll know when and which variant to choose among the three.

Standard Banana Yo-get-it

This creamy banana frozen yogurt will make you go Yo-nana! And yes, you can still enjoy this flavored treat without the guilt since it is made from all natural ingredients.

Its base is still Yo-get-it’s very own 98% Fat Free and High calcium yogurt with a heaping of good bacteria. It is the original made even better with the addition of banana pulp and juice.

Banana Protein Yo-get-it

But wait, there’s more. You can also enjoy the creamy banana goodness plus protein. With 10+ grams of protein, this Banana Protein Yo-get-it is the perfect pre and post workout snack!

Nowadays, working out and taking protein (whether in shake or bar form) goes hand in hand, and that’s because protein is an essential nutrient for muscle growth and strengthening. Everytime we engage in rigorous activities like sports or going to the gym specially after a tough session, we need protein for muscle repair and faster recovery.

Aside from pre and post workout, the Banana Protein Yo-get-it is also the perfect breakfast when you are on the go. Instead of skipping breakfast during rush hour, whether you are off to school or off to work, just get yourself a cup of Banana Protein Yo-get-it.  It’s fast and easy. Just add fruits like strawberries and even more bananas plus some nuts and you get a bowl of energy and fiber to kickstart your day.

Banana Protein Stevia Yo-get-it

We understand how each and everyone have different needs and preferences. That is why we also came up with the Banana Protein Stevia Yo-get-it. Banana Protein Stevia is also packed with 10+ grams of protein and is made with Natural Stevia and does not contain any refined sugars. You can enjoy this treat just like the regular Banana Protein Yo-get-it, only now you won’t have to worry about added sugar and calories.

So now you may be wondering what Stevia is and how is it better than sugar or any other sweeteners.

Stevia is actually derived from a plant native to Brazil and Paraguay. For centuries, people from said localities have been using Stevia to sweeten food, treat burns and even for stomach discomforts.

Unlike other artificial sugar substitutes or sweeteners, Stevia is all natural. And the best part is Stevia does NOT add calories! Yes, you got that right. It does not add calories. So this is perfect for people who are trying to watch their weight or simply want to control sugar intake or are just really conscious about the food they eat. But just because Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener does not mean zero taste. On the contrary, compared to sugar, stevia is 200 times sweeter. That means you’ll need less to achieve the sweetness you are looking for. And compared to other artificial sweeteners, Stevia doesn’t have a lingering funky after-taste.

There has also been research on the use of Stevia to fight hypertension, diabetes and even obesity.

Banana Protein Stevia Yo-get-it is the best reward you can give yourself before or after a good workout. It still has the protein you need for your muscles with less the sugar and calories. A real guilt-free treat that tastes Yo-Nana good!

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