Acai has been spreading like wild fire for the past year and this is with good reason. Healthy has never tasted this yummy!

Acai is a tropical berry native to Brazil. Dubbed as the “beauty berry”, Acai berry is as nutritious as it is delicious. As small as an acai berry may be, it is jam packed with a hefty amount of powerful antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fiber and not to mention flavor (has a similar taste to dark chocolate).

Acai berry is one of the most antioxidant-rich fruit available in the market today. Acai surpasses its cousin blueberry garnering twice as much anthocyanin (plant antioxidant) per serving. According to studies, the massive amount of antioxidants in Acai berry can contribute to lower cholesterol levels, a healthy heart, and may even aid in weight loss. Anthocyanin found in Acai berry is known to help fight cell deterioration due to free radicals, so you get healthy glowing skin. There is also a good amount of vitamin C and ellagic acid (found in anti-cancer fruits) in Acai berries, which can help boost your immune system and maybe even fight cancer. The combination of wholesome nutrients and anthocyanin in Acai berries may also help in the prevention of certain diseases and overall improve cellular health.

Currently, one of the best way to enjoy this exotic berry is with an Acai bowl. An Acai bowl is a dream treat in a bowl. The Acai berries are pitted and the pulp is turned into a frozen puree, which serves as the main ingredient for this indulgent snack. It may be combined and/or topped with different fruits and nuts.

Yo-get-it’s Acai bowls are made from organic Acai berries, banana and watermelon, topped with crunchy granola, sliced banana and fresh strawberries.

There are endless possibilities and countless options to enjoy your Acai bowl whether it be for breakfast or just to satisfy a sweet tooth. You can mix and match different toppings to your liking. Typical toppings would include banana, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, kiwi, passion fruit, and nuts. If it is your first time to try an Acai bowl or maybe you want a new adventure with your Acai bowl and want to veer away from the typical toppings, here are a few exciting combinations you might want to try out:

Berry Medley

Strawberry + Blueberry + Raspberry

It’s our old-time favorite mix of berry goodness. Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry are all rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. Combined with Acai, this mixed berry bowl will surely give your immune system a boost. Not to mention all that antioxidants and vitamins will make your skin glow with radiance.

The Revitalizer

Raspberry + Passion Fruit + Banana

Need to de-stress? Look no further. The revitalizing combo of raspberry, passion fruit, banana and of course Acai will surely uplift your spirit. The different textures and flavors will excite and tingle your taste buds.

Energy Booster

Banana + Crushed Peanut + Blueberry

Behind every workout is the right diet. This banana-peanut-berry combo is the perfect quick fix before a strenuous activity. This bad boy is packed with protein and the healthy fats your muscles need before sweating it out on the gym. You’ll get the much needed energy kick.

Summer Kisses

Kiwi + Mango Moochi + Crumble

A light indulgence for people who like to experiment with different but complementing textures and flavors. It’s a delightful mix of the endless possibilities summer can bring.


Midnight Escapade

Passion Fruit + Raspberry + Chocolate Chips

Starving for adventure? Then, this is the combo you must try. The combination of tangy plus sweet will rock your world. You get fruits plus chocolate – what else can you ask for?

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