What if there’s a single treat people from all ages and different lifestyles can enjoy? What if there’s a single treat you can customize to your every mood or craving? What if you can treat yourself to something that just feels, looks and tastes so indulgent and yet still be truly good for your health?

So many what ifs. Well, you can stop wondering now and drop all what ifs. Just go and get yourself a Yo-get-it frozen yogurt today. Yo-get-it offers a wide array of flavored frozen yogurt as well as a number of different toppings to cater to your every need or want. Whether you are a kid or just a kid at heart, Yo-get-it surely has a treat for you.

So how can something indulgent be healthy all at the same time? For starters, Yo-get-it’s frozen yogurt is made from all natural flavors, it is high in calcium, 98% fat free and has tons of good bacteria. Unlike its not-so-healthy counterpart dairy ice cream which makes you feel like a dud after consumption because of all the fats and excessive sugar, frozen yogurt is the healthier and smarter choice. A treat without the guilt! Next up, frozen yogurt is also packed with immune boosting vitamins and minerals to promote general well-being. And the best part is you get to enjoy frozen yogurt with a myriad of toppings and/or sauces customized to your liking!

Ultimately, depending on your preference or flavor of the moment, you can top up your frozen yogurt with fresh fruits, sweet or sour candies, chocolate, peanuts and even cookies! Yay!

Here are tips and suggestions (or maybe even a few tricks) for toppings you can enjoy with your favorite frozen yogurt.

First, do not be afraid to experiment. As they say, “experience is the best teacher”. If you haven’t “experienced” it, you’ll never ever really know. You can go safe and add the toppings you are familiar with or have already tried with frozen yogurt like bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce. On the other hand, you can go all rogue with a combination of Gummy Bears, Pomegranate Popping Balls and Raspberries. It’s all up to you. How you’ll spice up your frozen yogurt all depends on your choosing. You can follow your mood and even your personality. Try different topping combinations and see what works for you. Be creative and follow your heart and senses. You’ll never know what mind-blowing taste buds masterpiece you could be creating today.

Next, variation and balance is key to a harmonious and more stimulating frozen yogurt treat. Try adding Tim Tam, fresh bananas and caramel sauce to your cup of frozen yogurt. The different textures from the different toppings will create depth and excitement to your frozen yogurt. Now, try adding white chocolate chips, blueberries and some crumble. The variation in texture is still there and now you have added a variation in taste. The different flavors coming from the white chocolate, blueberries and crumble all complement each other making every spoonful an explosion in your mouth both in taste and consistency.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things. New is good. New is exciting. It’s totally fine if you already have a staple topping combination. You can start by picking the toppings you already like and start adding new toppings every time. But if you feel a little more adventurous now than some other days, do not hesitate to try a new topping combination. You might not know it yet but you could just discover a future best-seller.

So go ahead and treat yourself to a Yo-get-it today and everyday!