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As with so many great things, Yo-get-it was born from a friendship, sense of adventure and curiosity about all things new and innovative. Whilst traveling through America, young friends Scott Bradley and Sean Tower discover the frozen yoghurt fad that was storming through the USA.

Upon returning to Australia the pair embarked on the journey of developing their own great tasting Frozen Yoghurt and opening their first store in Melbourne’s suburb of Hawthorn. From the outset the concept was popular with people being curious to taste the new phenomenon and the appeal of offering a healthy treat.

Recognising the unique and appealing product that Scott and Sean had introduced, Yo-get-it entered into a business partnership with McMullin Group who took a major stake in the company. McMullin Group is a privately owned, diversified investment company established by the late Ian McMullin, who also founded the iconic Australian company Spotless Group Ltd. With McMullin Group’s business expertise Yo-get-it was able to develop and grow into a National franchise operation.

The Yo-get-it team has not only developed the best tasting frozen yoghurt on the market, but also adopted an innovative ‘individualised’ approach to serving their products.

When you visit any Yo-get-it store there is 6-8 different frozen yoghurt flavours available. The purchase process embraces fun and freedom through self-service. We put the customer in charge. Everything including cup size, the amount of yoghurt served and the variety of toppings included is in our customers’ control.

Yo-get-it’s frozen yoghurt tastes amazing, with the delicious on-trend flavours matched by the huge range of self-serve toppings. These include superfoods, nuts and fruit right through to lollies and sweet treats.

Yo-get-it’s ‘Create your own’ approach allows our customers to create a snack that suits their hunger, taste buds and dietary requirements. With ‘Pay-By-Weight’ costing, our customers also have the control and responsibility for the amount that they spend. Furthermore, our innovative ‘Yo-Guess-It Yo-Get-It-Free’ creates a fun and interactive check-out process, with customers having the possibility of receiving their Yo-get-it for free if they accurately guess the weight of their yoghurt.

Backed by an innovative and enterprising team of business leaders, Yo-get-it has gone from strength to strength and maintained sustained growth with expansion to 10 stores Australia wide plus 3 stores in China. With a view to ongoing National expansion, Yo-get-it is happy to talk to potential franchisees about future opportunities.